The Farmacy

What is the Alegría Farmacy?

There are four primary components of the Alegría Farmacy. Team Alegría is laser focused on “soil-first, nutrient farming” principles and being prudent “carbon managers”, so we set our goals on developing a zero waste, regenerative organic, carbon negative food production system utilizing existing proven leading-edge technologies. The four fully-integrated components consist of our SoxxBoxx Gro System, a custom GrowSpan CEA greenhouse, an Impact Bioenergy anaerobic biodigester and our Table-on-the-Farm educational, teaching and retail kitchen. For extra power generation and storage, we add on a Heliene PV solar array and SimpliPhi’s power storage system. See our standard Alegría Farmacy floorplan layout here.


Food Security and Energy Independence

We are proud to introduce the Alegria Farmacy™, a zero waste regenerative food/energy production bioplant designed specifically for every climate and environment. Employing our ultra-efficient food production processes creates food security and energy independence to enrich local communities.


Integrated Carbon Neutral Systems Approach

The Alegría Farmacy is the first carbon neutral regenerative urban food production system featuring an integrated Impact Bioenergy HORSE AD25 anaerobic digester, GrowSpan and Alegria’s SoxxBoxx Gro Systems. The Alegría Farmacy combines modular design elements and integrated agri-tech processes with renewable energy systems that are scalable to create the most resource efficient food production system available. Our integrated systems approach creates jobs, provides community resilience, reduces carbon footprints and strengthens economic stability. Our team designs, builds and manages facilities that produce fresh, nutrient-dense, non-GMO, superior food products and generate surplus power & heat energy.


The Alegría Farmacy Advantage

1) Increased access to superior locally-grown produce including marginalized communities;
2) Dramatically strengthened community resilience and well being;
3) Green jobs and training for new farmers in regenerative organic urban agriculture;
4) Environmentally friendly, scalable, modular and carbon neutral food production platform;
5) Cost effective zero waste regenerative urban farms anywhere, anytime.

Here’s more of what makes our mobile, zero waste regenerative organic urban food production system so unique:

  • The Farmacy produces the finest nutrient dense food anywhere, anytime employing Alegría’s SoxxBoxx Gro System.
  • Our system wastes nothing and creates its own power by turning waste into energy. See Impact Bioenergy HORSE AD25
  • This is the first carbon neutral regenerative urban food production system featuring an integrated Impact Bioenergy HORSE AD25 anaerobic digester, GrowSpan greenhouse and Alegria’s SoxxBoxx Gro Systems.
  • A 10kW SunPower solar array and a SimpliPHI Power battery storage system creates additional renewable off-grid power.
  • The Farmacy is designed to repurpose existing man-made surfaces with little or no site work required, eliminating extensive and costly permitting issues.
  • The IB anaerobic digester accepts all organic waste and turns it into organic fertilizer and methane, which can be used to generate electricity or heat water.
  • The Farmacy production modules are scalable and flexible to meet any production demand in any environment.


Scalable and Modular

The 66’Wx40’L module (main production module) is shown below. This is considered the base module. If desired, additional 66’x40’ production modules can be added to increase production area, grow seedlings, accommodate soil building and handling, Soxx-filling, packaging of liquid fertilizers created from the biodigestate and/or numerous other functions as required.

The configuration shown below contains 4 – 20’ HCOS shipping containers which can be outfitted as follows:

1) 20’ or 40’ (double capacity) – HORSE AD25 Biodigester plus wash/prep station (see
2) 20’ – Material Storage and microgreens and/or mushroom production and/or Testing Lab
3) 20’ – Retail Grab&Go salads and Juice Bar
4) 20’ – Retail sales of locally-produced honey, herbs and spices, etc.

Shown below, the base production module is 66’x40’ with a footprint of 2,640 sq. ft. Production capacity can be expanded in 2,640 sq. ft increments simply by adding additional production modules.