ADVANCINGREENERGY™ – Regenerative Food Energy Solutions

Since our inception in 2009, our mission at Alegría has always been the same, to provide regenerative food energy solutions, not just talk. Alegría means “Joy and Happiness” in Spanish, and we wish to provide more of this feeling for everyone to enjoy.


As conscious nutrition farmers, we feed soil. We have tremendous respect for the natural world and believe we need to become caretakers and not just consumers if we are to protect the natural capital that supports all life. We understand it takes work and perseverance to repair decades of environmental degradation. We strive to leave the land we touch better than we found it. We remain deeply connected to Mother Nature to better understand our connection to her and and the complicated processes that we all depend upon to thrive.


The Alegría Farmacy offers a compelling urban solution to providing greater access to the regenerative “healing foods” we all talk about, the nutrient dense produce that we have very little access to…

The Alegría Farmacy Advantage:

1) Increased access to superior locally-grown produce including marginalized communities;
2) Dramatically strengthened community resilience and well being;
3) Green jobs and training for new farmers in regenerative organic urban agriculture;
4) Environmentally friendly, scalable, modular and carbon neutral food production platform;
5) Cost effective zero waste regenerative urban farms anywhere, anytime.