Erik Cutter is Managing Director of Alegría Fresh, located in Irvine, CA. Alegría Fresh is a zero-waste, regenerative urban microfarm employing organic soil-based growing systems. Mr. Cutter has over 35 years experience growing superior nutrient-rich produce using hydroponic and regenerative organic techniques and is a leading pioneer in developing cost effective growing systems that can be deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work. See He has a background in biochemistry and oncology, and possesses a lifelong passion for creating haute cuisine using the finest ingredients, most of which he grows himself. Mr. Cutter’s mission to increase vitality and combat auto-immune disorders is to create greater awareness of the numerous health benefits of consuming fresh, locally-grown food. The company’s goals include connecting individuals with where their food comes from and how it should be grown to optimize wellbeing, influencing positive change in resource management, teaching healthy eating habits, promoting entrepreneurship programs and creating jobs in urban agriculture. Mr. Cutter’s interests include photography, marketing, design and engineering, cooking, and all outdoor activities including camping, trekking, volleyball and skiing. He is constantly scouring the web for information on health-related topics and enjoys teaching those around him how to feel better and create more balance in their lives. Mr. Cutter takes full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities we have at our fingertips to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. It has been said that his closest friends are tired of hearing, “and it’s really good for you!”.




“Time is our greatest gift. How we use it determines who we are and how we will be remembered.” – Erik Cutter

Teryl Chapel has a strong background in the Building Arts, Healing Arts, and has been practicing Regenerative Design with a focus on food systems since 2010. He holds an Msc degree in Integrative Eco-Social Design with a concentration in Controlled Environment Food Systems. His design/build work has focused upon food systems suitable for urban environments. Teryl designed and built the first rooftop Aquaponics teaching farm in Harlem New York and the first vertical, edible, aquaponics wall systems for Page Restaurant in Sag Harbor, New York. He has helped build and operate several hydroponic indoor vertical farms and high-tech greenhouse growing systems. Teryl’s passion for Regenerative Agriculture and growing high nutrition food has led him full circle to soil-based food production systems. Teryl is also a member of Eco-system Restoration Camps and co-founder of Virsoleil Center for Regenerative Living in Ajat, France.


Teryl has recently returned to Orange County to join Erik Cutter and the Alegría Farmacy team to provide urban communities access to the highest quality locally grown food produced in integrated regenerative zero waste urban farms.

Dr. Steven D. Dreyer was born and raised in Corona Del Mar, California. Since graduating from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1987, Dr. Dreyer has been practicing in the Newport-Mesa area for the majority of his 25 years in practice. He completed a three year postgraduate course of study in the highly acclaimed Chiropractic Orthopedics Program and has achieved Diplomate status with the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists, a distinction earned by approximately 800 out of the 60,000 licensed practicing Chiropractors in the United States.

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Chef Loghan Call is passionate about the future of food and healthy soil and inspiring folks from around the country to reconnect with and understand the critical importance of fresh, locally-grown food consumed at harvest. This passion was ignited at a young age, growing up in the Hudson Valley where his mother Naomi (a chef and nutritionist) grew everything from vegetables to edible flowers on the property where Loghan grew up.


Loghan and Erik have been working together since they connected in Irvine at the Alegría Farm over five years ago. It was this connection that inspired Loghan to start a series of dinners where the produce was harvested early morning, on the same day and transformed into a seven course meal by dinner. This regenerative, “Food as Medicine” approach to cooking took off and Planted Cuisine was born. Since those early dinners Loghan has continued to refine his approach by connecting with people wherever they are on their food journey. His dinner experiences have transformed the way that people perceive food and the transformation that is possible when eating ultra-fresh, nutrient dense foods.


In 2020, his work is centered around creating symbiotic relationships between the future leaders of our communities: farmers, doctors and chefs. Since the moment he walked onto Erik’s farm five years ago, Loghan realized the critical role that the Alegria Farmacy will play in a regenerative future. He hopes to see Alegria Farmacy’s in every corner of our communities, providing access to superior nutrient dense foods to those who need it most. Loghan believes, “ The Alegría Farmacy model is perfect for community engagement at all levels and creates an opportunity that simply doesn’t exist otherwise.”

Leif Kemp is a United States Marine and combat veteran who served tours in Desert Storm and Somalia. Following his deployment, Leif enjoyed a successful 15-year medical device sales career. Recognizing the opportunity to make a big difference and pursue his passion for health and wellness, Leif focused on investing in veterans and others who find healing through regenerative agriculture. In 2014, Leif discovered Alegría Fresh, a regenerative organic urban farm company operating in Irvine, CA. In 2017, Leif earned his certificate as a Sustainable Resource Management Professional & Consultant through San Jose State University.


Leif is most compassionate about the veteran community and connecting with other vets to educate and assist them in transitioning their military leadership skills into a meaningful relationship within the communities they live. Leif believes practicing a zero-waste lifestyle, combined with consuming healthy, nutritious food using regenerative agriculture practices provides a strong foundation for vets to address some of the difficulties they face today. Leif promotes the powerful therapeutic benefits from creating healthy soil and nurturing plants to reduce the emotional and physical trauma many vets live with, and he is committed to making a difference through continuing to serve the veteran community.


Leif is an accomplished athlete (basketball, football, track and field) and an ocean lover. He dreams of one day traveling the country, seeking out the finest rivers and streams to perfect his fly-fishing stroke.

Micheal Holecek is an innovator in the field of bio-physics and ecological design.  Mr. Holecek has received awards for providing successful program training, administration and leadership on integrated land-use design, energy-efficiency, analysis of systems, and applications of sustainable economic development models.


As a compliment to Michael’s background in ecological design and project management, he has extensive training in the fields of phytochemistry, plant/soil pathology and biogenic health. Mr. Holecek has studied western herbalism at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine with Michael Moore, and ortho-molecular nutrition with Dr. Michael Manion.


He has long-term experience with soil health and plant vitality, which came from working many years with permaculture design principles at the High Altitude Permaculture Institute in Basalt, CO. His related projects include the development and manufacture of plant-based nutrition products, utilizing algal and plant concentrates, working with Dr. Mitchell May of Synergy Company and Desert Lake Algae Technologies in Klamath Lake, Oregon. He is the co-founder of Algae Aqua-culture Technologies in Whitefish, Montana and Co-Founder of BioCarbon Technologies producing certified organic soil nutrients and biocarbon-based water treatment medias based in Missoula, Montana.

Ryan Wirick is an award-winning filmmaker, film editor, cinematographer, and writer. Since becoming a father, Ryan has focused on projects that highlight solutions to critical problems in the world, and the people behind those solutions. He Co-Founded Earth Conscious Films with Rob Herring, then Co-Directed/Produced/shot and edited the feature length documentary, The Need To GROW.

In a race against the end of farmable soil, The Need To GROW follows three individuals (Alicia Serratos, Erik Cutter, and Michael Smith) as they fight for change in the industry of agricultural food production, calling for a revolution. Executive Produced and narrated by Rosario Dawson, The Need To GROW has won numerous Best Documentary honors in film festivals, and has now been seen in over 170 countries.

Ryan began his career as a journalist, and was recognized with an Orange County Press Club Award. He graduated from Chapman University with an MFA in Creative Writing, an MA in English, and a BA in Philosophy. There he received the Tom Massey Award, the John Fowles Award for Creative Writing, and the William James Award in Philosophy.

Today, Ryan is creating a global network of empowering resources through Earth Conscious Life, Herring and Wirick’s new platform of regenerative solutions to both human and planetary health. They founded ECL based on the simple truth: our potential as a species is both empowered and bound by the potential of our living biosphere. Human health = Planet health.