A Story of Solutions

In a race against the end of farmable soil, three individuals fight for change in the industry of agricultural food production, calling for a revolution.

“The Need to GROW” delivers alarming evidence on the importance of healthy soil — revealing not only the potential of localized food production working with nature, but our opportunity as individuals to help regenerate our planet’s dying soils and participate in the restoration of the Earth.

The Need to GROW Documentary Captures the Root of Agriculture’s Problem

Following the interconnected stories of three unique individuals, The Need to GROW documentary aims to explore some of the deeply-rooted issues in agriculture. The film highlights agriculture’s impacts on people and the planet, as well as some human-driven solutions working towards food system change.

Faced with the new challenge of being a father, Director Ryan Wirick seeks to understand the nature of problems and find solutions that may help future generations. Collaborating with activist and director Rob Herring, they sought to create The Need to GROW. Accompanied by Executive Producer and Narrator Rosario Dawson, Directors Herring and Wirick set out to discover how we can feed the world without destroying the planet.