Advisory Counsel

Craig M. Kolodge, Ph.D., is the former academic advisor, field plant pathologist and county director for the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) in Santa Clara county. He also served as the superintendent of the UC Bay Area Research and Extension Center (BAREC) and was instrumental in developing the City of San Jose’s green waste utilization program focused on re-purposing recycled organics to deliver agricultural and ecosystem benefits. Dr. Kolodge served as statewide chairman of the U.C. Small Farm Program and was a founding member of the UC Sustainable Agriculture Workingroup where he promoted the principles of regenerative agriculture and soil health.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for California’s Association of Compost Producers (ACP) and is the Western U.S. Manager of Field and Technical Development for Filtrexx International, a pioneer in the re-purposing of recycled organics to deliver ecosystem services for soil health and storm water management. He is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) and a Trainer of Record (ToR) for California’s Storm Water Industrial General Permit. He resides in San Diego county and travels throughout the Western U.S. demonstrating and teaching the practical application of compost-based Sustainable Management Practices (SMP’s) including urban regenerative agriculture, storm water management, post-wildfire damage mitigation and land conservation/restoration.

Paul J. Mills, Ph.D., is Professor and Chief at the University of California San Diego’s Department of Family Medicine and Public Health. He is Director of the Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health and Director of the Clinical Research Biomarker Laboratory. He has expertise in Integrative Medicine and psychoneuroimmune processes in wellness and disease, publishing ~375 manuscripts and book chapters on these topics. His work includes a focus on the human health implications of glyphosate (RoundUp) exposure, including publications in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.